Banana shallots / scallions

As well as the normal shallot, there is also a longish type of onion which is a mix between a normal onion and a shallot. It is called the banana shallot, because its shape is a bit like a banana. They are also referred to as scallions, a combination of the French words échalote and oignon. This special shallot is easy to peel, makes nice rings and has a spicy aromatic taste.
Recepten met Banana shallots / scallions

Banaansjalot omelet

• 2-4 personen
• Lunchgerecht

Worteltjes met bananensjalotten en salie

• Hartig voorgerecht voor 4 personen
• Bereidingstijd 20-30 minuten

Kip met bananensjalotten

• Bereidingstijd 30-60 minuten
• Aantal personen: 4
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